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MOVIE TRAILERS from Comic CON!!!!! By Corey Floyd

Hey, everyone, I was so busy doing movie reviews some badass trailers came out at San Diego Comic Con that we need to talk about. So let me not BS and Jump into it. 

Justice League dropped a new Trailer at SDCC and it looked really good. It was a lot lighter and funnier and cooler. We got a better look at Cyborg played by newcomer Ray Fisher who will be rubbing shoulders with Gal Gadot, Flash, Aquaman and of course BATMAN!!. We also see that the villain in this film is Steppenwolf a member of Darkseid's family. There was also a decent amount of humor in this trailer I can only suspect that the trailer we saw had a lot of Joss Whedon's reshoots in it. My only issue is they are making me hate GODSMACK  for their “come together” cover. I understand that Hans Zimmer doesn't want to do any more scores for comic book movie but seriously STOP USING IT. I want to be more excited for the movie but DCEU has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m not sure to trust them. The link to that trailer is right here .
We all remember the SAW franchise right? Crazy, gory, amputations & plot twists in the franchise where the bad guy died in the 4th one but somehow we got 7 movies out of it. Guess who back with a continuation from the last film? How? I have no idea but in the trailer, it is believed that the original Jigsaw killer is alive and up to his old games again. Well, I’m not sure if I will be scared by this movie I am positive I will be entertained. Trailer right here   

Next is a movie that literally reminded us why we all know at least one person who is afraid of clowns. IT has been rebooted but instead of the small screen like the original, it will be on the Movie screen. Part one of this two part film will be hitting the screens this fall. Bill Skarsgard will be filling in the clown shoes of Pennywise the Clown played by the great Tim Curry. Skarsgard is not new to playing a creepy freak of nature since he is most remembered by most as Roman Godfrey in Netflix original Hemlock Grove. This movie will be carried by the child actors as well. Finn Wolfward from Stranger Things is playing Richie Tozier. It looks creepy. He looks creepy as hell. I’m kinda scared. Trailer right here 

Steven Spielberg decided to drop this trailer at  SDCC Ready Player One. Based on a Graphic Novel its takes place in the future where the energy crisis has toppled the economy and people make in an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game ) where the money there is better than the real world. The creator of the system on his deathbed announces to the world that his entire fortune is in 3 easter eggs in the game world and if you find them it's yours. Now, this was written some time ago and the references in the book are severely outdated. But look at this trailer and you will understand why I am so hyping this is gonna be a huge deal next summer. It looks like NERDGASMS everywhere!! 

Last but not least The Shape of Water. This movie grabbed my curiosity for a few reasons. One is by Guillermo Del Toro and I like to think I keep very good track of what he’s doing and somehow I didn’t know about this film being made. Two is this a love story about Abe Sapien from Hellboy?. 

Reports say no but then again they don’t know much Del Toro is known for keeping people in the dark. But from the Trailer, it’s about  a mute woman working an in secret government facility come in contact with a sea creature with a love of music and eggs.

despite the this being a Fox Searchlight film in comparison to the Hellboy franchise which is currently being rebooted it’s a different company. I know you're going to say they look different right? Here’s what you may not know Abe Sapien appearance evolves every few decades and this film takes place in what might be the 1950’s. What also got my attention and you guys are gonna give me hell for this. It’s a love story and under a few layers of salt, I still have a sweet spot. I think this will be a really cute & weird film. Trailer drop here Well that’s enough out of me


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