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Who needs a reboot? Part 2

By Corey Floyd

Reboots?!  Whether or not you like them they are here and show no sign of leaving. If you have been following me you should recall I’ve talked about this before. You haven’t seen that one? Well Your back? Great, anyway i am going to continue on this journey down reboot road because there are a few films that could definitely use a fresh coat of paint for a new audience. I think these titles could definitely do the trick.  

It has been 13 years since we have seen Blade. No, I do not count that failed attempt at a TV show with Sticky Fingers as Blade (shudders). When the first Blade movie came out in 1998 we most of us have no idea it was a comic book movie as well as its sequel and Wesley Snipes flourished as the vicious anti-hero. Recently the rights of the character have returned to Marvel but there's no talk about what they are doing with him. Last year they added Ghost Rider to Agents of Shield and it worked out really well. But I don’t think that would do him Justice. I also don’t believe that movies would be in his future either. The first 2 films were very dark, violent, sexual, and extremely Bloody. He is the type of character you cannot water down for the current MCU. This makes me want to see the show as a Netflix original series. This could work they don’t have to abandon their style. Keep it as violent as it was before plus a team up with Daredevil sounds awesome in my head. But at 54 I don’t think Snipes will be up to working at today’s pace. I could be wrong.

Recently Mortal Kombat had an online series that was very good. Of course, it was overshadowed by the stellar game series. But the series showed that it can be done right if you get the right people. There has been talk around the industry that someone has been writing a script but I haven’t found anything concrete. Just the name Dave Callaham. He wrote the Expendables and DOOM (shudders). Hopefully, that is just a rumor. But seriously the web series gave a great story and better fight choreography than Iron Fist. In the right hands, you can make this a respectable film franchise. I could see Lions Gate producing it. Think The Raid meets Saw. Flawless Victory Indeed.

 Yup! I said it The Mask. It has been 23 years since the surprise box office hit has been in theaters. (No Son of Mask does not count!!) Clearly, in the right hands, you can have a hit. This time around I think it’s time to bring the story back to its ultra-violent roots. As much as I and the rest of the world enjoyed the more family oriented Mask of old I’ve been itching to see the real Mask from the comics. Believe it or not, the differences are not that extreme just think of a Mask scene from the movie but at the end of his antics, the person is dead. I can see Neil Patrick Harris as Stanley Ipkiss or Eddie Redmayne (Fantastic Beasts). Since he has the loveable face and he has played very lovable characters as of late it would be an interesting turn . If the follow the narrative of the comic. You're in for a completely different story


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