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By Corey Floyd Hey everyone!! Long time no see right well we’ve been working on a lot of stuff for our YouTube so be sure to subscribe . Meanwhile, if you're part of the gaming community you have been well aware of what’s going on. Electronic Arts (EA) is in a lot of hot water over Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate issue. In the game, you can just play your way through and work hard and maybe you will unlike Luke Skywalker in 2000 game hours or spend up 10 100 dollars in real money and maybe you get it in a lootcrate. Also, the game offers in-game advantages. It gives more opportunity to some with more money. It also has a gambling element that I find disturbing especially since there will be a lot of children playing this. This is not the first time EA has screwed people over. Back in 2006, the Madden football series ruled with an Iron Fist. Until ESPN NFL 2K showed up and offered a better game better features, and for 20 bu…
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The Anime Season So Far Fall 2017
Well well, unlike summer, the fall season has proven to be challenging. There is so much to check out that my traditional format of “talking about three shows and then rant about others” might not work that well. Heck, I might have to write a few updates to this blog since I don’t have much space or time to write about everything here. So I had to scramble around trying to pick an anime to talk about here, but I made my peace with the fact that I can’t talk about everything in one go. So I’m just going to talk about some shows I’m watching regularly, some shows that caught my attention, and somethings I just wanted to talk about. I’ll write more about this season later, if other news don’t get in the way that is. Without further ado, let’s just jump right in.
I had to watch so much anime, and I’m not even done!!
I’m going to start with a returning show that is as stylish as it is crazy, just like a big city like New York should be. Of course I’m talking a…

Anime for this Spooky time of the Year

By Luiggi Cavanna

Halloween is around the corner and we all are in a nice spooky mood to watch nice spooky anime. For that reason, I decided to make a nice spooky list of things to watch, well, maybe not that spooky but definitely, it will have some paranormal things in it.  Now without further ado, let’s just jump right in.
Hyouka is not a Spooky anime, it is a good detective/mystery one though… Let’s just move on.
I want to make this list a bit different so I might not feature the anime that you might expect. So no “Another” or any of the “Blood” anime, Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing,  you know, the usual stuff. That being said let’s start with….
Well, the whole Monogatari series in general, but if we’re going to start somewhere let’s do it with the one that says “Monster” (Bakemono) in the title. I’m just going to put this out there, this is one of my favorite titles. It’s a hard recommendation though, it’s not for everybody. The Monogatari series is heavy in dialogue, a mat…

Manga Recommendation Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro

Manga Recommendation Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro
This anime season has proven to be more exciting than the previous one so I might need some time before I can release my “The Anime Season So Far” blog. Also, I have planned a special Anime blog for next week, in the spirit of this spooky month, so for this week, I’ve decided to make a manga recommendation. This is one of my favorites out there and also goes along with the spooky feel of this month, so without further ado.

My story with “Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro” started in a “Barners & Noble” that I walked into after leaving a movie theater. In the manga section of the store there was this manga, with its cover facing straight at me, and immediately caught my attention. The character design of the main character was very interesting, and after further inspection, the art style was captivating.

It had this dark gloomy fairy tale kind of look and I decided to purchase the book right then and there! After that, I’ve been a diehard fan.
Also, the…